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Enter a new frontier of grilling with the Vulcan™ grill. Using cutting edge technology, this grill/smoker hybrid uses wood pellets to cook and smoke quickly and efficiently. 

Ditch the cord. But still dial into advanced onboard electronics. Using Fire and Forget™ Technology, this grill stays at temperature for hours, taking the guesswork out of your grilling routine. 


Key Features:

  • Reach grilling temperatures within minutes. 
  • No cord. And forget the loud generator - that's a thing of the past
  • Fire and Forget™ Technology


Integrating technology used in deep space to power a satellite, this grill harnesses extra heat from burning wood pellets to power the onboard electronics. Take your grill out to the far reaches of the backyard.  And warm up your taste buds for smoked flavor in the newest technology. 


Note: Grills are currently being fabricated. Orders are take for a future grill. Production should be completed and ready to ship by Dec 1st. 

Vulcan™ Grill

SKU: 0004
  • Returns only are accepted for products that are unopened or received defective. Please contact for any issues.

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